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  • 短篇故事 (II)
    Short Stories2
    Hi, I am John Doe. I love stories. Even now, I still read stories all the time. Reading while listening to a story is an enjoyable way for you to learn new words and improve your English.

    4:“我的王子” He's My Prince

    As usual, Molly didn't want to get up when her alarm clock went off. However, a second later she remembered what had happened the night before. She sat up quickly and opened her nightstand drawer. With a big smile on her face, she pulled out Sean's T-shirt and buried her face in it. She couldn't smell much except for the scent of freshly-washed laundry, but she still drew a deep breath. "It was real. It wasn't a dream!" she thought happily.

    She remembered how he had fearlessly stood up to the two boys. She thought about how clever he had been in claiming to be her brother when coming to her rescue. And she recalled the wonderful walk home when he had told her about the mathematics problem he had been working on. "He's so smart. Oh, he's my prince," Molly thought dreamily.

    "Molly?" It was her mother's muffled voice from the other side of her bedroom door. "Are you up yet? You'd better get up or else you'll be late."

    "I'm up," Molly called out. She finally got out of bed after a few more moments with the T-shirt to her face.

    Molly had a smile on her face all week. She normally smiled a lot anyway, but the thought of Sean made the smile permanent. Nothing could upset her. Even her friends noticed her joy.

    "So what's up, Molly? Has your father agreed to give you the new car you wanted?" asked one of them.

    "Nope," Molly smiled.

    "Did you find tickets to the concert on Saturday?" asked another excitedly.


    "Don't tell me you have a boyfriend!" exclaimed the first one.

    "Not yet," Molly replied excitedly. She was dying to tell her friends.

    "Ooh! Tell us! Tell us!" her friends chorused.

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