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  • 听故事第一次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
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  • Short Stories
    威尼斯商人 Tales From Shakespeare: MERCHANT OF VENICE

    16.一个要求 The Request of the Counselor (Part 16)

    The duke now released Antonio and dismissed the court. He then highly praised the wisdom and ingenuity of the young counselor and invited him home to dinner.

    Portia, who meant to return to Belmont before her husband, replied, "I humbly thank your Grace, but I must away directly."

    The duke said he was sorry he had not leisure to stay and dine with him, and, turning to Antonio, he added, "Reward this gentleman; for in my mind you are much indebted to him."

    The duke and his senators left the court; and then Bassanio said to Portia: "Most worthy gentleman, I and my friend Antonio have by your wisdom been this day acquitted of grievous penalties, and I beg you will accept of the three thousand ducats due unto the Jew."

    "And we shall stand indebted to you over and above," said Antonio, "in love and service evermore."

    Portia could not be prevailed upon to accept the money. But upon Bassanio still pressing her to accept of some reward, she said:

    "Give me your gloves. I will wear them for your sake." And then Bassanio taking off his gloves, she espied the ring which she had given him upon his finger. Now it was the ring the wily lady wanted to get from him to make a merry jest when she saw her Bassanio again, that made her ask him for his gloves; and she said, when she saw the ring, "And for your love, I will take this ring from you."

    下期续 to be continued.
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