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  • Short Stories
    惊险的逃亡 Dave and Phil: The Great Escape

    9.走出黑暗 Coming Out of the Dark (Part 9)

    Dave helped him up and they continued running, but Phil could only hobble along as his leg was injured.

    Phil asked Dave to run and get help while he tried to slow the men down. Dave could see that Phil was in pain and he hesitated, but realized that it was the only way to get help.

    With that, Phil turned away from Dave and went back to where the second guy was coming towards them. Dave continued running. Behind him, he could hear Phil struggling with the man. Dave ran even faster.

    The cave was rather dark, and it was hard to see. However, there was a light in the distance and Dave ran towards the light. It was the opening to the cave. He soon reached it and ran out into the open. It was day. They had been in the tunnel for the entire night.

    Dave saw that he was halfway up the hill in the forest, and he could see the rooftops of the town in the distance. He made his way down the hill as fast as he could. He was very tired after all the crawling and running but the thought of Phil being in danger kept him going.

    He finally made his way to the foot of the hill and was going to search for a way out of the forest when he heard voices.

    He hid behind a rock, and crept slowly to peek around it. Suddenly, there came a sound just behind him.

    下期续 to be continued.
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