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Traditional Chinese

Short Stories
  • 听故事第一次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 听故事第二次: 若第一次跟不上, 一面听一面阅读文本。
  • 听故事第三次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 4.离家出走 Running Away From Home

    When she got home, the entire house stank of alcohol. Papa was drinking again. When Papa heard Michelle come home, he became angry for no reason. Soon, he started hitting her again. He was drunk, but very strong. Michelle could not do anything but shiver with fear.

    "That's it," she thought. "I think I am going to die."

    But, at that moment, Ma came home. She saw Michelle bleeding and started shouting at Papa. That's when Michelle ran away.

    "I want to run away," she thought as she left her house. "I will get as far away as possible from this terrible place. I hate my family."

    Michelle did not care that it was raining heavily and her clothes were not enough to keep her warm and dry. She did not even notice that it was raining. The tears in her eyes made it difficult to see. She did not know where to go or who to find to help her, but she knew she wanted to get out of that house.

    下期续 to be continued.
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