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科学的啓迪: 认知的科学 | 天使夜未眠: 你我他的故事 (49) 眼盲心不盲 | 轻轻松松 学英语: Animal Sayings Review | 青春密函: 端正你的择业心态 | 小品便利贴: 拥抱了爱情,就告别了孤单? | 天路导向: 故事重点 04


Traditional Chinese
  Here we will put up works by famous classic English literature writers together with the sound files. Most of these are on the recommended reading list of universities. At this point we can only put up excerpts. However, we are also choosing some to put up in their entirety in the serial stories or short stories section. If there is one that you would like us to put up in its entirety, please let us know. If there is enough demand, we will consider doing so.

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