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Traditional Chinese

Short Stories
惊险的逃亡 Dave and Phil: The Great Escape
  • 听故事第一次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 听故事第二次: 若第一次跟不上, 一面听一面阅读文本。
  • 听故事第三次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 5.准备叁加舞会 To Attend A Ball (Part 5)

    The day of the ball drew near, and Madame Loisel seemed sad, restless, anxious. Her dress was ready, however. Her husband said to her one evening:

    "What is the matter? Come, now, you've been looking queer these last three days."

    And she replied:

    "It worries me that I have no jewels, not a single stone, nothing to put on. I shall look wretched enough. I would almost rather not go to this party."

    He answered:

    "You might wear natural flowers. They are very fashionable this season. For ten francs you can get two or three magnificent roses."

    She was not convinced.

    "No; there is nothing more humiliating than to look poor among a lot of rich women."

    But her husband cried:

    "How stupid you are! Go and find your friend Madame Forestier and ask her to lend you some jewels. You are intimate enough with her for that."

    She uttered a cry of joy.

    "Of course. I had not thought of that."

    The next day she went to her friend's house and told her distress.

    Madame Forestier went to her handsome wardrobe, took out a large casket, brought it back, opened it, and said to Madame Loisel:

    "Choose, my dear."

    下期续 to be continued.
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