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Traditional Chinese

Short Stories
惊险的逃亡 Dave and Phil: The Great Escape
  • 听故事第一次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 听故事第二次: 若第一次跟不上, 一面听一面阅读文本。
  • 听故事第三次: 尝试不看文本而祗听故事。
  • 11.危险人物 Armed and Dangerous (Part 11)

    When they reached the station, Dave saw his parents and Phil's parents. They were relieved that Dave was alright, but also very concerned that Phil was still in danger. It seemed that after the boys did not go home for dinner, their parents got worried and called the police. After Dave had a chance to get some food and drink, and got some strength back, he started to tell Detective Gordon about what happened.

    When Dave finished his story, Detective Gordon nodded his head and showed him the pictures of two men. Dave immediately recognized one of them as the man who was chasing Phil and himself. He did not manage to see the face of the man in the tunnel. He found out from Detective Gordon that the men were wanted for a series of crimes including armed robbery, smuggling and kidnapping. Also, they would not hesitate to use Phil as a hostage to negotiate terms, and would not hesitate to harm Phil if they needed to.

    As Dave heard this, his eyes opened wide in shock and surprise. Phil and Dave had stumbled upon their hideout, and now, Phil was in the clutches of two very dangerous men. Before Dave could do or say anything, Detective Gordon got up and motioned for Dave to follow him.

    He asked Dave to lead the police to the hideout quickly as Phil was in serious danger.

    下期续 to be continued.
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