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Traditional Chinese

这个【小小故事】专栏是特别为一些想学好基本日 常英文用语的朋友而设。因此故事以较简单家庭用语,从青 少年的角度写出,对需要练习及提高听力的学生,尤其适合。


Buster's Brush

Every day I have chores that I have to do. I clean my room, wash the dishes, and sometimes help Mommy sweep the floor, dust, or make dinner. I also have to take care of Buster. I feed him two times every day, and I make sure that he is clean and that he stays out of trouble. Daddy bought a big red brush for Buster and told me that I should brush Buster when his fur is messy and matted.

Buster enjoys being brushed. But sometimes when Buster's fur is very tangled, I try to be very gentle so that i will not hurt Buster when I brush him. Even if it does hurt him, he does not get mad. After I finish brushing Buster, his fur is soft and smooth and shiny, and if he has been a good dog, I give him a treat.




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