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Traditional Chinese

这个【小小故事】专栏是特别为一些想学好基本日 常英文用语的朋友而设。因此故事以较简单家庭用语,从青 少年的角度写出,对需要练习及提高听力的学生,尤其适合。


Christmas Tree

Every Christmas, we get a Christmas tree, and we decorate it with many beautiful things. Buster tries to help me, but he is a dog. And dogs cannot decorate the tree because they do not have any hands. Buster likes to smell all the colorful little balls. One time, he tried to smell the one in my hand, and the ball slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor. The glass ball broke into many, many pieces.

I was mad. I had to clean up all the mess. But I could not stay mad at Buster. He did not mean to break the ball. But I told him to go lay down while I finished decorating the tree. The tree was very pretty when my family was done decorating it. I think Buster liked it too!





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