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Traditional Chinese

这个【小小故事】专栏是特别为一些想学好基本日 常英文用语的朋友而设。因此故事以较简单家庭用语,从青 少年的角度写出,对需要练习及提高听力的学生,尤其适合。



Every Christmas, Daddy tells me the story of the very first Christmas when Jesus was born. Daddy told me the Bible teaches that Jesus is God's son, and God sent Jesus to earth on Christmas Day about two thousand years ago. The man and woman who took care of Jesus were called Joseph and Mary. When Jesus was born, Daddy said that angels came and told some shepherds the news of Jesus' birth. The shepherds left their sheep and went to see Jesus on that very first Christmas.

Each Christmas, my family buys gifts for each other, and we put them under our tree until Christmas morning when we open them. Mommy said that giving helps us to remember how God gave his Son as a gift to the world. This year I am giving Buster a new bone, even though Buster does not know what Christmas is. I cannot wait until Christmas because then I will open all of my presents and eat a big Christmas dinner that Mommy will make.





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