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Traditional Chinese

这个【小小故事】专栏是特别为一些想学好基本日 常英文用语的朋友而设。因此故事以较简单家庭用语,从青 少年的角度写出,对需要练习及提高听力的学生,尤其适合。


Buster and His Toy

Buster likes to play games. His favorite game is wrestling. He has a toy that looks like a rope, with two knots tied on either end of it. This is the toy that we use to play wrestling. Buster grabs one knot with his mouth, and I grab the other knot with my hands. We both start pulling, and if I pull it out of his mouth, I win. If he pulls it out of my hands, he wins. When Buster pulls the toy out of my hands, sometimes I fall down backwards.

After I am done playing, I let him take the toy, and I walk away. Then Buster likes to go lie down and chew on his toy. I do not want to play wrestling with him when he does that, because he makes the toy very wet.





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