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Melody:  Aw man...
Lincoln:  Hey Melody! What’s wrong? You look so sad...
Melody:  Oh’s just that I got my quiz back today...I didn't
              do too well.
Lincoln:  Oh...I’m sorry. Well, did you study for it?
Melody:  Yeah...a little...
Lincoln:  A little?
Melody:  Okay, you caught me... I didn’t study... I couldn’t get myself
Lincoln:  Well that’s why! Here, I hold a study group at my house every
              Thursday. Would you like to come and join us?
Melody:  Yeah! I’d love to! Thanks, you’re such a good friend!
Lincoln:  You’re welcome. Come by around 4 o’clock, okay?
Melody:  Okay, thanks again. See you there!

Answer the following questions.

1. Why is Melody Sad?
2. What does Lincoln suggest to help Melody with her studies?
3. Where is the study group meeting?

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