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马来西亚 - 动物 Malaysia - Animals

Our Window on the World opens today on Malaysia. Last week we found that the largest flower in the world grows in Malaysia. This week we'll find out about other interesting plants that also grow there. Malaysia has so many delicious kinds of foods to eat. I wonder if you have ever tried any of these tasty foods.

One of the most popular fruits is the durian. It is a large green fruit that has a hard spiny outside and a soft inside. It is very tasty but the one thing you would remember about a durian is its terrible smell. Another large fruit is the pomelo. It looks like an over-sized grapefruit but tastes much sweeter. One fruit, called the mangosteen is small and purple-brown in color. It is quite juicy with a sweet & sour taste. It is said that long ago, Queen Victoria of England offered a reward to anyone who would bring her some of this tropical fruit. Other fruits you might eat where you live include papaya, starfruit, coconuts, and guava.

The favorite meal for Malaysians is breakfast. It is the major meal of the day. You could enjoy boiled eggs and fish curry or rice in coconut milk with the fish curry. Some food that you might eat later in the day would be "satay". It is bite-size pieces of chicken, beef, or mutton that are marinated in spices and then placed on sharp sticks called skewers. These sticks are then cooked over a hot fire. Satay is often served with rice cake, raw cucumber, pineapple and onion salad. It would be served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce to flavor the meat.

There has been so much to learn about Malaysia! I hope you have enjoyed our look at this South East Asian country. Friends, write and tell us about where you live. We want to know all about you! I hope you will be listening next week for our next Window on the World. Goodbye friends!

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