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印度尼西亚 - 民族 Indonesia - People


Greetings and welcome to Window on the World! Today, we will learn all about the beautiful people of Indonesia. This is a country of many islands and many people groups. Indonesia has many cultures spread across these islands. People came to Indonesia from China, Arabia, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, Indochina, Portugal and Holland. The population has grown to almost two hundred million people!

Indonesian families often live near each other or in the same house. Honor and respect of others is very important and older people are shown great respect. If you were a visitor to Indonesia, you would be greeted with a nod and a bow. Guests are warmly welcomed into homes because they bring honor to the host.

The official language is Bahasa Indonesia. Some older people may speak Dutch because of the early settlers from Holland. English is taught in schools because it is an international language. Children attend school from the age of 6 years until 12 years old. A popular activity that children enjoy is watching shadow puppets. Small cut-out figures are moved behind a white screen showing only their shadows. Music from gongs, drums and stringed instruments might be heard. Beautiful dancing is another part of the Indonesian culture. Children also enjoy playing sports like badminton, soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Indonesia is indeed a land of interesting people! I hope you will join us again next week when we open our Window on the World and find out all about the foods of Indonesia. Farewell, until then!

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