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泰国 - 动物 Thailand - Animals

Hello, again, friends! Welcome back to Window on the World. This week we'll discover some interesting facts about the animals from Thailand. There are many interesting animals in this country. Several of the world's largest snakes live in Thailand. Let's find out which ones they are.

Snakes are reptiles that often live in trees. One tree dwelling snake is the Indian Python. This snake kills it prey or food by wrapping its strong body around the animal and then squeezes it to death. It is then able to swallow it whole to eat it. Wow! That is so interesting. The world's largest venomous or poisonous snake can also be found in Thailand. It is the King Cobra. It has a deadly bite! When it raises its head to strike, you had better be out of its way!

Other animals that make their home in Thailand include two large cats: the Tiger, a beautiful orange, black and white striped cat; and the Leopard a yellow and black spotted cat. Leopards can also be totally black. Both of these large, beautiful animals are carnivores or meat eaters. An interesting bear can be found in Thailand. It is the Asian Black Bear or Moon Bear. It has that name because there is a white marking on its chest that looks like a moon.

One very large animal found in Thailand is often used to do very heavy lifting. It is the Asian Elephant. These elephants are trained to lift and move large logs using their long flexible snout or trunk. They also are used to build roads. The Asian Elephant has smaller ears than elephants found in Africa. Both have two ivory tusks that grow out of their upper jaws. In the past, people killed many elephants to take the ivory to make jewelry. Today, the elephants are protected so that they are not hurt. Another animal that has tusks is the Wild Boar. This is similar to a large pig. It uses its tusk to dig up roots to eat.

Wow, there are certainly many different kinds of animals in Thailand! Next week, we'll open our Window on the World on another interesting place in Asia! I hope you will tune in! Farewell, dear friends!

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