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澳洲 - 食物 Australia - Food

Greetings and welcome to Window on the World. We've been enjoying a look at our friends down under in Australia. We enjoy learning about places around the world each week. Today, let see what kinds of food our Australian friends enjoy. Australians love to entertain people at their homes. They really enjoy having a barbeque. This is a great way to enjoy tasty beef steaks cooked over an open fire. Some people even eat kangaroo or ostrich steaks. I've never eaten either of those foods? Have you? I wonder how they ever catch those fast animals!

Other foods enjoyed are fruits and vegetables. They are available year round and there is a large variety of tasty treats that are so good for you. One interesting fruit is the kiwi. It is a small, fuzzy, brown-skinned fruit that is green on the inside. It has tiny black seeds that make a circle in the center. The taste is yummy - like a tangy strawberry. It is one of my favorites!

If you like fish and seafood, Australia is the place for you, too. Because it is an island, the waters are filled with many kinds of fish. Two interesting creatures that have funny names are the cuttlefish and the spanner crab. I'm sure they make a tasty meal.

Wow, I think visiting Australia would be such fun. There is so much to see and even more interesting things to eat! We'll close our Window on the World for today. But ... do come back next week when we discover all about marsupials and other unusual animals that live there. Goodbye for now!

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