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澳洲 - 民族 Australia - People

Hello friends! Welcome to Window on the World. We are learning all about different countries in our region. Last week we found out all about the only island country that is a continent. Do you remember which continent it is? It is way down under!!! That's right ... Australia!

Let's find out about the people who live there. The Australian people are often called "Aussies." The population of Australia is 18, 088,000 people. The Aborigines are called the "first people." They lived on the island before other people came from Europe to settle in. Most of the people today live in the large coastal cities. The main language is English. You might hear phrases like..."no worries, mate" meaning "everything is fine, friend" or "G'day" that means "hello."

An average family in Australia has two to three children. All children aged five to fifteen must attend school. There are primary and secondary schools. Some children who live in remote areas, like the "Outback," receive their schoolwork by mail so they can work at home. There are many universities and colleges for students who wish to continue their education. Children and adults enjoy sports and outdoor activities. Favorite sports in Australia include rugby, cricket, basketball and soccer. Cycling, walking, tennis and golf are also enjoyed. For those who live near the coastal regions, water sports are fun, especially swimming, surfing, and fishing.

Many people also enjoy the arts and music. The famous "Sydney Opera House" has programs featuring opera, orchestras, ballet, and other dance styles.

Our Australian friends would enjoy having you visit. They love to entertain especially by having a barbeque! That sounds great to me!

Well, it's time to close our Window on the World for this week. Listen again next week to hear about the food of Australia. G'bye Mates!

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