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纽西兰 - 动物 New Zealand - Animals

Hello and welcome as we open our Window on the World on New Zealand's interesting animals. Here you will find a bird that cannot fly and a rare reptile.

Let's look at the unusual bird called a kiwi. It is about the size of a chicken and covered with brown feathers and has no tail. It has a long narrow beak that has nostrils at the end of it. Kiwis are nocturnal birds. This means that they sleep during the day and search for food at night. These flightless birds eat worms, seeds and berries. Another interesting bird found in New Zealand is the mynah. This is a very intelligent bird that can be trained to say common words.

The rare reptile that is only found on New Zealand is called the tuatara. It is a lizard that some believe has survived since pre-historic times. That would mean that the tuataras were alive when dinosaurs walked on the earth! My, that would have been a long time ago! The tuatara hunts birds and other small lizards at night. If a larger animal tries to capture a tuatara, it is able to drop its tail and run away quickly. All that is left behind is a wiggling tail!

One very common land animal raised on New Zealand are sheep. There are over 52 million sheep! They are raised for food and for their wool. The wool is used to make clothing that will keep you very warm if you live in a cold climate.

I hope that you have enjoyed discovering new things about New Zealand. It has been an interesting place to visit. Be sure to listen again next week when we open our Window on the World on another exciting country! Goodbye friends!

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