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Traditional Chinese

中国 - 食物 China - Food

Greetings, my friends and welcome to Window on the World. We are learning about the People's Republic of China. This is also known as Mainland China. Today we'll find out about the foods that the people enjoy. The foods the people eat depend on what is grown in the region where they live. People usually eat dishes with potatoes, tofu, corn meal, and rice. Noodles are also common and steamed bread is a staple in northern China. Dishes made with pork, beef, chicken, or fish are popular but expensive. Sauces are mixed with vegetables and meats and eaten with rice. There are some special foods that are found in the different regions. One popular dish is Beijing duck and another is the spicy foods from the Sichuan province. Fruits and vegetables are also eaten.

Chopsticks are used for all meals in China. Food is placed at the center of the table. Often, more than one type of main dish is served which is then eaten with rice. Rice is served in a small bowl, which is then held close to the mouth for eating. When finished, a person places the chopsticks neatly on the table. They are not left in the rice bowl. Soup is served towards the end of a meal, except in Guangdong province, where soup is served as the first course. If you were at a restaurant, you might see a tray that revolves or turns, placed in the center of the table . This allows guests to sample from several dishes.

If you are invited to someone's home in China, it is important to be on time. It is considered impolite if you are more than a few minutes late. Guests are usually calm and quiet and do not speak loudly. When visiting you might want to bring a small gift to give to the host. Friends often bring gifts such as tea, fruit, chocolates, or cake when they visit. Hosts rarely open wrapped gifts until visitors leave.

I'm sure you would enjoy the foods of China. They are very different from region to region. Next week, listen again to find out about the animals from Mainland China. I'll be waiting for you until then! Farewell, friends.

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