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寮国 - 动物 Laos - Animals

Hello, friends! Welcome to Window on the World. This is our last week to find out about the country of Laos. Today, we'll find out about the many animals that live in the forest-covered mountains of Laos.

The Asian elephant is found here and also in other Southeast Asian countries. Did you know that an elephant can gather food for about 18 hours a day? It can eat about 150 kg of fruit and leaves. Elephants usually live for about 40 years. The rain forests are also the home for panthers, leopards, tigers and wild boars. You could also see interesting birds like the falcon, the osprey, and the great spotted woodpecker.

If you are interested in snakes, you will find 2 rather large ones in Laos. The largest venomous snake is the King Cobra. Venomous snakes are deadly because of the poison in their fangs. The King Cobra can grow to be about 5 meters long. I know I will stay away from the King Cobra because it is able to strike or attack its victim from a distance! Another snake found in Laos is the Indian Python. This snake is known as a constrictor. It means that it will kill its prey by squeezing it to death. Once the animal is dead, the python will then swallow it. The Indian Python is able to kill an animal as large as a goat and then swallow it! That sounds like a very strong snake! I really don't like snakes so I will be sure to stay away from the rain forests of Laos!

It is time to close our Window on the World for today. I hope you have learned many interesting things about Laos. Do listen again next week as we continue to find out about another country in Southeast Asia. Farewell, friends!

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