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印度 - 动物 India - Animals

India-The Animals

Hello friends! It is time for Window on the World. This is our last week to learn about India. Today we will discover all about the animals that live on this peninsula. Do you remember what a peninsula is? It is an area of land surrounded by water on 3 sides. Good work remembering that difficult word! Now let us find out about those animals in India.

The forests, plains, hills, and mountains of India are inhabited by a variety of animals. There are several large cats there. You might find tigers, panthers, cheetahs, snow leopards, and clouded leopards. Asian elephants are found along the northeastern slopes of the Himalayas. The elephants have been used to pull up trees, move large objects and build roads. Another very large animal is the Indian rhinoceros. They can be found in mud holes to keep them cool and to keep the flies from biting them.

Some other 4 legged animals are black bears, wolves, jackals, wild buffalo, wild hogs, antelope, and deer. The ibex or wild goat and wild sheep live and roam in the Himalayas and other mountainous areas.

There are several venomous or poisonous snakes. They include cobras, vipers and saltwater snakes. The venomous snakes bite their prey and inject poison from fangs into their bodies which will kill them. Pythons which are known to squeeze their prey to death are also present. The python will eat mice and other rodents. You know that I do not like snakes so I will be sure to be very careful when visiting India!

Even though there are snakes, I do think that India would be an interesting country to visit. I hope you have enjoyed our study on India. Join me next week when we open our Window on the World on another interesting country. Goodbye, my friends!

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