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新加坡- 地理 Singapore - Land


Hello, friends! Welcome to Window on the World. This week we will learn about a country that is called a "city-state." A city-state is made up of an independent city and all of its surrounding territories. The city-state we will learn about is located in Southeast Asia and it is on the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It is the Republic of Singapore. It is made up of one major island, called Singapore Island and more than 50 islets. The Johore Strait separates Singapore Island from Malaysia in the north. In the south, the Singapore Strait separates the country from Indonesia. The Singapore River divides the city of Singapore in half.

Singapore is a small country that is only 640 square kilometers in size. The land is very flat in most areas but there are some hills in the central area that still have jungles. There are also some coral reefs near the coastal regions.

Singapore's climate is wet and tropical. The average temperature is 27 degrees centigrade year round. The wettest months are November to January. During these months, Singapore receives much rain. The county's average rainfall each year can be as much as 2, 413 millimeters! That is a lot of rain!

Although the Republic of Singapore is small, it is a very busy place. Its name means "Lion City" and it is well-known as a place of business in Asia. Next week, we'll open our Window on the World to discover new things about the people who live in this city-state. I hope you will be listening. Farewell for now, friends.

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