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菲律宾 - 地理 Philippines - Land

Welcome to Window on the World. Today we will travel to an archipelago. Have you ever heard that word before? An archipelago is a chain of islands and the one we will learn about is the Republic of the Philippines. There are more than 7100 islands that make up the Philippines. The chain of islands is 1600 kilometers long and 480 kilometers wide. There are eleven large islands and the two largest are Luzon in the north and Mindanao, in the south. The islands are surrounded by the waters of the Philippine Sea, the Celebes Sea and the South China Sea. The capital of this country is Manila and many people live in this large city.

The Philippine Islands are located in an area that is called the "Ring of Fire" because of the many volcanoes that are there. The islands were formed by volcanoes many years ago. There are about 20 active volcanoes in the Philippines today. The islands also experience earthquakes. The many mountains give the country a beautiful landscape. The highest mountain is Mount Apo which rises 2953 meters in the air.

The climate is very tropical because the Philippines is close to the equator. It usually rains year round. They do have 2 seasons- a dry season and a rainy season. Heavy rains, called monsoons often cause flooding. Typhoons can also cause problems with the strong winds and rains. If you plan to visit our friends in the Philippines, be sure to travel during the drier season to enjoy sunny days.

Next time, when we open our Window on the World, we'll learn about the friendly Filipino people. Goodbye for now. Adios!

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