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RUTH: Hello, my name is Ruth and I'll like to welcome you to another programme in the series 'Say It Again'. In each 'Say It Again' programme, we look at a different part of the English language. There is always the opportunity for you to practice. I have a student helper each week, and today it is Lee Kee. Welcome.

LEE KEE: Thank you, Ruth. I'm happy to be back with you today.

RUTH: Do you remember this?


RUTH: It's Grace and her brother Jim talking about the wedding invitation they've received inviting them to a wedding. Lee Kee, can you remember what we've been practising over these last few weeks?

LEE KEE: Yes Ruth, we've been practising using the future tense verb 'will'. We've practised using the verb 'will' in a sentence and we've practised the shortened version of the verb especially when it is next to a pronoun, like 'I'll' and 'we'll'.

RUTH: Yes, that's right. Let's now listen again to this drama. Grace and Jim are talking about that wedding. Listen out for all the times they use 'will' and 'we'll'.


RUTH: We've talked in a previous programme about Grace's clothes. Lee Kee, did you hear what Jim is going to wear?

LEE KEE: Jim said that for the wedding he will wear his navy blue suit and grey silk tie.

RUTH: I don't think that a suit and tie are what Jim likes to wear, do you?

LEE KEE: No, I don't. I think Jim would enjoy wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

RUTH: What will happen if the weather is hot? Can you imagine how Jim would feel?

LEE KEE: I think Jim would feel very uncomfortable if it's too hot, especially if he's wearing a tie. Grace wanted it to be a sunny day so that they could take lot of photographs.

RUTH: Lee Kee, how will they go to the wedding?

LEE KEE: Jim wanted to take Grace on the back of his bike. But she said no and wanted to get a taxi instead.

RUTH: We've heard all about Jim on his bike in previous programmes. I think Grace is sensible to go to the wedding in a taxi. Listen to that part again.


RUTH: So Lee Kee, where is the wedding going to be?

LEE KEE: The wedding service will be in the pretty church in the village. But what does the word 'afterwards' mean?

RUTH: It means what will happen after the wedding ceremony. And 'afterwards' means you are invited to the wedding reception. That's the meal after the wedding ceremony.

RUTH: As always we have a true story. Today's story is that of Elvis Orongwe. Elvis is from Nigeria. He was captain of the Nigerian football team. A Nigerian witch doctor gave him a ring that he was told would protect him from danger. Elvis's story is being read for us by Malcolm.

Story Testimony

"We will make you the captain of our team. When we play football in other countries, you will lead the team," I was told. As captain of the side, I played as goal keeper.

But I had a problem. I feared that something would go wrong when we were playing in other countries. Fears troubled me each time we travelled to a different country. I was afraid that we would have an accident. So I made a decision. "I will go and see the best witch doctor in the country. He will be able to do something for me." I found out where he lived and went to see him. I told him of my fears. He prayed to his idols and then gave me a ring. He said "This ring will protect you from danger everywhere you go." I thanked him and paid him a lot of money for the ring.

Time went by and one day, two friends of mine came to visit me. "We hear that you went to a witch doctor and received a ring," they said. "We know that the ring is to protect you, but it won't." They went on to say, "You should know that God in heaven can protect you far better than any ring." They told me all about God's love for us. And that because he loved us so much, He sent his only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross to take away all our sins. I thought about this and realised that what they were saying was true. They told me how to pray to this God and ask for His protection. After this happened, I thought, "I know, I'll burn this ring and be rid of it. once and for all." It was as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Since that day, I have travelled to many countries, safe and secure in the knowledge of God's love and protection.

RUTH: The name of Jesus Christ is a very powerful name. There is still power in His name today. In the second half of the Christian's Bible, the book of Romans chapter 10 and verse 12 says, 'Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved.' We're almost at the end of today's 'Say It Again' programme. Please join Grace and me again next week for another 'Say It Again' programme. Until then, goodbye from Lee Kee and me.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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