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问问题 (3) Asking Questions (3)

RUTH: Welcome to 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth Lowton. I have another action-packed English language programme for you today. With me, I have Aries. She is here to say it again with you. Hello Aries, how are your studies going?

ARIES: Very well, thank you, Ruth. I'm enjoying my studies very much. Ruth, what are we studying in today's programme?

RUTH: Well, I can offer you another true story. Today's story is about Henry. He was born in China. He left Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong looking for work. There's also another chance to hear Grace and her brother Jim, talking about their holiday. Aries, can you remember anything about Grace and her brother, Jim's plans for their holiday? We heard them discussing their plans last week.

ARIES: Yes Ruth, I think I remember a little. Didn't Jim want to go on holiday with his friends?

RUTH: Yes, that was part of the story. Let's hear it again. Listen out for what Grace wants to do.


RUTH: So Aries, what did Grace want to do for her holidays?

ARIES: She wanted to laze on the beach beside the sea, enjoying the hot sun.

RUTH: Yes, that's right. She wanted to rest and relax. She didn't want to spend all her time riding around on a bike. Can you remember, what Grace said about climbing a mountain?

ARIES: Yes I can. I know my reaction would be the same. She was totally against it. I think she was worried not only about climbing the mountain, but also about all the luggage that she would have to carry around on her back.

RUTH: If Grace goes on holiday with her brother and his friends, do you think it will be a good holiday for her?

ARIES: I don't think it'll be much fun for her at all!

RUTH: Do you think it'll be a good holiday for Jim and his friends?

ARIES: I wouldn't be surprised if it was Jim's best holiday ever.

RUTH: I want to repeat one of those questions I've just asked Aries. Say it again after me with Aries. 'Do you think it'll be a good holiday for her?'

ARIES: 'Do you think it'll be a good holiday for her?'

RUTH: This question was answered in two ways in our drama. Say the answers again with Aries after me. 'I don't think it'll be much fun...'

ARIES: 'I don't think it'll be much fun...'

RUTH: 'It's sure to be one of the best...'

ARIES: 'It's sure to be one of the best....'

RUTH: Sometimes we need to answer questions that start with, 'Do you think it'll ' in different ways. Sometimes we can be very sure of our answer. 'It's sure to be....' Sometimes our answer is doubtful. 'I don't think it'll be...'

RUTH: Aries, can you think of a situation when you could be asked a question that starts with 'Do you think it'll...?'

ARIES: In England, people often talk about the weather and I can be asked the question, ˉDo you think it'll rain?'

RUTH: Yes, that's right. I'll answer, 'It's sure to rain because the clouds look very dark.' Aries, can I ask you the same question but this time will you give me a doubtful reply?

ARIES: Yes Ruth.

RUTH: 'Do you think it'll rain?'

ARIES: 'No Ruth, I don't think it'll rain today as it's very sunny.'

RUTH: At the end of the programme, I'll repeat the question and the two different ways of answering for you to practice. Our true story today is about Henry. He was born in Shanghai but moved south to Hong Kong when he was old enough to look for a job he particularly wanted. He went along with a friend to English language lessons and by going to his teacher's church, he found.......well, listen and hear for yourself. Henry's story is being read by Mike Flynn.

Story Testimony

I was born in Shanghai, but when I was old enough, I was able to leave China and I found a job for myself in Hong Kong. My job was in a small workshop doing manual work. After some time there, I found that my life was still the same. I'd left my country looking for satisfaction, thinking that I'll soon find what I was looking for in Hong Kong. That wasn't to be. My life was still empty and I continued to be lonely. I had no purpose for living. I found that many people in Hong Kong wanted to make money, yet this money didn't seem to bring them happiness and satisfaction.

One day, I met a student who told me he was born in Shanghai. We became friends straight away. Joseph, my friend, told me that he went to English language classes. I decided that I also wanted to learn more about the English language. It was my teacher in this class who began to tell me about finding happiness and satisfaction in life. She was always so different. She kept her promises and always seemed so happy. She also told us about the Christian church she went to.

One day, Joseph suggested that we both went to this teacher's church. It was there that we heard about God and his son Jesus Christ. One day, I asked someone what they meant when they said they were a Christian. I asked them if it meant that they were born into a Christian family. This person told me that a Christian is someone who has asked God's Holy Spirit into their life. I realized that Jesus Christ had died to forgive me my sins. As I did this, I found that my life changed. At last I felt happy. I wanted everyone to find this happiness also.

RUTH: Did you understand about God and His Son Jesus Christ? Becoming a Christian is about asking God's Son to forgive you all your sins. Aries, do you think that becoming a Christian would change Henry's life?

ARIES: It's sure to, Ruth. Becoming a Christian is something that changes everything. You become a new person, leaving behind your old life and starting new with God.

RUTH: I said that I'll repeat those sentences again. But before I do Aries, earlier we talked about using these sentences when talking about the weather. Can you think of another situation where you could practice answering my question, 'Do you think...'?

ARIES: Yes, I can. It's sure to be alright eating at that restaurant.

RUTH: Can you now think of another way to answer my question using 'I don't think it'll...'

ARIES: Yes, I don't think it'll be very good for you to do that.

RUTH: Practice these answers with your friends this week. The question I asked was, 'Do you think ....' The two answers we used today were, 'It's sure to...' and 'I don't think it'll ...' So, that is our programme for today. Aries and I hope that you'll join us again next week. Until then...

BOTH: Goodbye.

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