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考朵城堡 Cawdor Castle

RUTH: Hello and welcome to another programme in the series 'Say It Again.' My name is Ruth. I told you at the end of our last programme that I'll not have Bela with me this week but Grace. Welcome Grace.

GRACE: Hello Ruth. I'm enjoying being with you again on 'Say It Again'. I am finding it very interesting learning about so many different places. Today I've chosen Cawdor Castle. This castle is found in Scotland and as I told you in a previous programme, I was born in Shanghai and we left there when I was a child when my family returned to Scotland. Not long after I went to work in England, my parents had a new home, quite near Cawdor Castle. The name Cawdor means 'the woodland stream.' But I'll tell you more of its history later. In every 'Say It Again' programme, you have a true story don't you, Ruth? Whose story is it today?

RUTH: Well Grace, today we're finishing off our series about Hui Chan Hop. Over the last five weeks, we've been hearing how he made a lot of money by smuggling drugs. He was arrested and put into prison in England. Today Dick tells us what finally happened to him.

Story Testimony

Hui was in his cell reading about Rita, the Englishwoman in the Thai jail. He saw that Rita had received God's forgiveness and asked Him to come into her life. She completely changed to become a new woman. He finished reading the book and cried. Hui knew that he wanted to change but he still had doubts about God.

The next day, Hui went to his prisoner friend George and told him about the book. George knew the story of Rita and began to tell Hui about God. "How can I become a Christian? Please, could you write it down for me?" said Hui. Back in his cell, Hui began to think. God had come to George and God had come to Rita. Would God come to him in that cold and dirty prison?

There was a knock at the door and George pushed a piece of paper through the gap. Hui picked it up and started to read what was written on it. It described repentance which meant being truly sorry for the bad things he'd done and turning away from those things for good. Hui thought of all the bad things that had happened to his life because of the drugs. Because of them, people had fought and died. His family life had been destroyed. He hurt people badly just so that he could be rich. He broke down in tears. He cried out, "Please forgive my sins Lord, please Lord Jesus, come into my life, give me your peace and joy so that I can feel true happiness." Suddenly, a light shone inside him. Joy came into his heart. He found a sense of peace and at last, he felt forgiven. God had rescued him. God had accepted him just as he was. Hui became a new changed man. He had at last found the same happiness and peacefulness as George and Rita.

When Hui was baptized, he took a Christian name. He is now called Joshua Hui. He runs a centre in Malaysia to help people come off drugs and to spread the Good News of the Lord Jesus.

RUTH: In our next programme, I'll be telling you how you can read for yourselves some of the true stories we've been hearing each week. But Grace, back to you. Tell me a little about the history of Cawdor castle?


RUTH: I'm sorry that we've run out of time today. I was really enjoying finding out a little of the history of Scotland. I'm sure that we'll return later in the series. There are so many beautiful places to find out about in Scotland. Next time I'll be here, I'll be looking at phrases you use when describing situations and things. So please join me again then. Until then from Grace and me...

BOTH: Goodbye

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