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词汇游戏 Word Game

RUTH: Hello and welcome to another in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth Lowton. With me today I have Bela. Welcome.

BELA: Hello Ruth, It's good to be here with you. There's a new drama today, isn't there?

RUTH: Yes there is. It's another in our series between Grace and her elder brother Jim. Here's a little piece from it.


RUTH: I think that in this drama Jim and Grace get very confused. You'll have to listen to the programme to find out how they sort it all out.

RUTH: Last week, I also promised you another word game. I thought that we'll start today's programme with that game. In an earlier 'Say It Again' programme, I said that if you describe anyone or anything, you should make a 'picture' in words for your friend. In this game, we use some questions that will help you make up a good picture of that person or thing. Let me say the questions first. Bela will repeat them after me. Why don't you say them with Bela? 'What size is it?'

BELA: 'What size is it?' Do you mean is it big or small?

RUTH: Yes, size does mean how big it is. Also how long or short it is. Another question to ask is 'What shape is it?'

BELA: 'What shape is it?' Do you mean is it round or square?

RUTH: Yes, the shape is the form of a thing. Another question to ask would be 'What colour is it?'

BELA: 'What colour is it?' That would be asking if it was maybe, green or blue.

RUTH: Yes exactly. The next question you could ask would be 'What is it made of?'

BELA: 'What is it made of?'

RUTH: Then there is another question that you can use sometimes. 'What is it used for?'

BELA: 'What is it used for?' Does that mean what do you do with it?

RUTH: Yes that's right! Now let's try out the game. In my mind, I'm thinking of an object. Bela, ask me one of the questions we've just practiced.

BELA: What size is it?

RUTH: It's as long as my hand.

BELA: What shape is it?

RUTH: It is as thin as my little finger. At one end it has a sharp point, which is sometimes covered.

BELA: What color is it?

RUTH: It has a plastic cover which you can see through. Inside though it is maybe black, sometimes it can be blue or red. Bela, have you any idea yet what my object is?

BELA: I think that it might be a ball point pen. Let me ask you one more question just to be sure. What is it used for?

RUTH: Well Bela, you write with it. I think that makes your answer right.

RUTH: At the end of the programme, we'll repeat again all of those questions. At the beginning of the programme, I played a very short piece from today's drama between Grace and Jim. While you are listening to this drama, can you picture in your mind the two objects they are both describing? They are very different.


RUTH: Bela, could you work out exactly which two objects Grace and Jim were describing?

BELA: Yes Ruth, I could. Jim was talking about a motor bike and Grace was talking about a dress. They both had a very different picture in their mind, yet they both used the same words to describe their objects.

RUTH: That's right. They both used the word 'shape'. Jim to describe the bike, Grace to describe the dress. Another word they both used was 'model'. Grace was talking about a fashion model. Jim was talking about a make of bike. They should have used some of our questions.

RUTH: Before Bela and I repeat the questions we practiced earlier, we'll listen to our true story. We have one each week on 'Say It Again'. Today's is by Paulo Silas. He is from Brazil. The story is being read for us by Matthew.

Story Testimony

He passed the ball over to me. I knew it was my chance to score that all important goal for the Brazilian team against the French team. This could mean the World Cup for Brazil. So I kicked the ball straight for the goal. I waited for the roar from the crowd - "It's a goal!" But it didn't happen. The ball passed straight over the goal. I shall never forget that moment as I watched it happened.

However, that did not change the course of my life in any way. There was something different which did. I would like to tell you about it. It happened after I prayed to God. I told him, "I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. I believe that your Son Jesus Christ died as punishment for my sins."

When I did this, I found a real sense of peace. There was a new direction in my life. So now I enjoy life more than when playing football for my country. I feel glad when God uses me to help people overcome the problems in their lives. For me, the challenge is now to help people so they understand the power of God through his Son, Jesus Christ. I help them find God's peace and love in their lives.

RUTH: My husband would have enjoyed that story because it was about football. Before we reached the end of today's programme, as I promised you earlier, Bela and I will repeat the questions we practiced at the beginning of the programme. Remember it was a game. We practiced a series of questions you can ask a friend about an object or person they are thinking about. The answers they give should help you to build up a picture in your mind. So here are the questions again. I'll say them first, why don't you say them again after me with Bela? What size is it?

BELA: What size is it?

RUTH: What shape is it?

BELA: What shape is it?

RUTH: What color is it?

BELA: What color is it?

RUTH: What is it made of?

BELA: What is it made of?

RUTH: What's it used for?

BELA: What's it used for?

RUTH: That can be a really fun game to play, using each of those questions to find out about the object. There is just time for us to play the game again before we go. This time, Bela is thinking of an object and I am trying to find out what it is. What size is it?

BELA: Small.

RUTH: What shape is it?

BELA: It's like a box with round corners and wheels.

RUTH: What color is it?

BELA: It's blue.

RUTH: What's it made of?

BELA: It's made of metal.

RUTH: What's it used for?

BELA: For traveling.

RUTH: I think you are describing a car.

BELA: You are right.

RUTH: Well, that really is all we have time for this week. Next week, there will be another chance to hear Grace and Jim describing their different objects. Bela and I do hope that you'll join us again then.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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