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不规则动词 (2) Irregular Verbs (2)

RUTH: Hello and welcome to another programme in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth. On each 'Say It Again' programme, there is the opportunity to learn something more about the English language. To help me with this, each week I have a student. And today I have Lee Kee. Welcome.

LEE KEE: Thank you, Ruth. I do enjoy being here on 'Say It Again' with you each week. Are we continuing today to look at past tense irregular verbs?

RUTH: Yes, we are. After last week's drama between Grace and her brother Jim, you may remember that he has now gone away on his bike to travel around Europe. This week our drama is with Grace and her younger brother Paul. We've heard about him on previous programmes. In our drama today, Grace really enjoyed talking to Paul. Can you find out why?


LEE KEE: I think I know why Grace enjoyed talking to her brother. Was it because he gave her his piece of birthday cake, Ruth?

RUTH: Yes it was. I don't think that Grace knew that Paul would give her any of his cake. I think it was a treat, something special.

RUTH: Lee Kee, today we're still talking about past tense verbs. Do you remember from our other programmes any irregular verbs we've been practising?

LEE KEE: Yes! I remember that 'catch' in the past tense becomes 'caught'. And that 'tell' in the past tense becomes 'told'. And that 'go' in the past tense becomes 'went'. I think that that is all I can remember just now.

RUTH: Well! Can you remember what the men did in our drama in our last programme, with their top hats?

LEE KEE: Oh yes! They threw them up in the air. So 'throw' becomes in the past tense 'threw'. And also now remember that 'know' in the past tense becomes 'knew'.

RUTH: That's right. I hope you remembered them as well as Lee Kee. There is no easy way to remember irregular past tense verbs. You need to practice using them and saying them with your friends to help you remember.

RUTH: To help you some more, let's hear a short part of our drama again. Listen out for some more past tense verbs.


RUTH: Well Lee Kee, did you pick out another past tense verb?

LEE KEE: Yes Ruth, I think I did. Is it 'chose'?

RUTH: Yes. The verb in the present is 'to choose' and the past tense is 'chose'. Paul chose roast pork and he also chose Neapolitan ice-cream. I think I'll choose Neapolitan ice-cream. I love the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all in one portion.

LEE KEE: Oh, I'll choose plain vanilla ice-cream. In Singapore, there is a wide variety of ice cream.

RUTH: Yes, here in England, it's possible to buy American ice-cream as well as all the other flavours there are to choose from. Once I chose brown bread flavoured ice-cream. It was delicious. Lee Kee, have you ever tried an unusual flavoured ice-cream?

LEE KEE: Yes, I've tried some with nuts in them.

RUTH: At the end of today's programme, Lee Kee and I will say again some of these past tense verbs.

RUTH: Well our true story today is that of George Foreman. In 1974, he was the Heavyweight Boxing Champion. That was until Mohammed Ali beat him and took the title from him. In this true story, George tells of how having everything, he realised he had nothing that mattered. His story is being read by Matthew.

Story Testimony

The World Heavyweight Boxing Title was mine! People said, "You are the greatest boxer in the whole world!" But I kept that title for only a year. In 1974, Mohammed Ali beat me and took it away from me.

I grew up in a very poor family. As a boy, I was always getting into trouble with the police. So the authorities put me in a special home. It was very tough there and I soon found out that boxing was the only thing that I was good at. That was why I succeeded.

As a World Champion, I became very rich. I bought three large houses and many cars. I lived in an expensive hotel. But people started saying, "George Foreman is a greedy man. He is difficult to live with and he is always arguing with everyone. He's too proud!"

Then one day, I lost a boxing match in Puerto Rico. I was fighting a boxer called Jimmy Young. He hit me so hard that I thought I was going to die. After the match, I cried out, "God, let me live. If you let me live, you can have all my money." But I heard God say to me, "I do not want your money, I want you." But I didn't want to know. I wasn't willing to let God into my life. Then a lot of things went wrong for me. I was very sad and angry. In desperation I turned to God, "God, you can take my life. Please forgive the wrong things that I have done."

Soon after this happened, a new sense of peace entered my heart. I found that I was not arguing any more. I was free at last, free from the selfish spirit that I was born with. I now help people to find the true way to live their lives - God's way.

RUTH: Boxers have to be tough and fit. The Lord Jesus Christ doesn't care for only the fit and healthy. He died for everyone. In the New Testament section of the Bible, in the book of John, chapter 3 and verse sixteen, it says, 'For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.' The 'whoever' in that verse means just that. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ can be saved from the penalty of sin - eternal death.

RUTH: Before we finish today's 'Say It Again' programme, there is just time for Lee Kee and me to repeat some of the irregular past tense verbs we used at the start. I will say the word and Lee Kee, why don't you make up a sentence using that word? Let's start with the new verb we spoke of today. In the present it's 'choose', and in the past it's 'chose'.

LEE KEE: 'I chose that present especially for you.'

RUTH: Say that sentence again with Lee Kee.

LEE KEE: 'I chose that present especially for you.'

RUTH: 'Catch' is the present tense and 'caught' is the past. Lee Kee, can you make up a sentence using the word 'caught'?

LEE KEE: 'I caught a very nasty cold.'

RUTH: Now you say it again with Lee Kee.

LEE KEE: 'I caught a very nasty cold.'

RUTH: The last word for today is in its present form 'go' and in its past tense 'went'. Lee Kee, can you make up a sentence using 'went'?

LEE KEE: 'I went to the shops yesterday.'

RUTH: Good! Why don't you say it again with Lee Kee now?

LEE KEE: 'I went to the shops yesterday. '

RUTH: That's all we have time for today. Lee Kee will be back with me next week, for another 'Say It Again' programme. There will be another chance to hear the drama we heard today between Grace and her younger brother Paul. There will also be another true story. So why don't you join Lee Kee and me then.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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