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不规则动词 (1) Irregular Verbs (1)

RUTH: Hello and welcome to another in the series 'Say It Again'. My name is Ruth and with me this week, I have Lee Kee. Welcome back Lee Kee. In today's programme, we'll be finding out from Lee Kee more about her visit to Singapore. And there is another chance to hear Grace and her brother Jim talk about a wedding they were invited to. Lee Kee, did you enjoy yourself while you were in Singapore?

LEE KEE: Yes Ruth, I did. In a previous programme, I mentioned that I'd gone back to Singapore to visit my family who are still living there. I've found many things very different since I was last there five years ago! One thing I found very different was the cleanliness. You can be fined five hundred Singapore dollars if you throw rubbish on the streets.

RUTH: Do you remember this? It's part of our drama from the last 'Say It Again' programme.


RUTH: In this drama, Grace and her brother Jim are talking about a wedding that they'd been to. The wedding has already taken place. Lee Kee, in that short piece we've just heard, did you notice a past tense verb?

LEE KEE: Yes Ruth, I did. Grace said, 'They all caught their hats, except Robert.' 'Caught' is the past tense of a verb, isn't it Ruth?

RUTH: Yes it is. 'Caught' is from the verb 'to catch'. This means to get hold of. We say in the present tense 'to catch a hat.' In the past tense we say 'caught their hats.' 'Caught' is an irregular past tense verb. There is no easy way to learn irregular verbs! Maybe you could write them down as we practice so that you have them as a help if you need them. We'll practice 'catch' and 'caught' again at the end of our programme.

RUTH: There are some more irregular past tense verbs as we listen to the whole of the drama between Grace and Jim. Listen out for the irregular verbs, 'caught,' 'went,' 'threw,' 'were' and 'told'.


RUTH: Lee Kee, did you notice a sentence with 'went' in it?

LEE KEE: Yes Ruth. Grace said, 'I'm glad I went to that wedding.'

RUTH: That's right. As Lee Kee says that sentence again, why don't you say it again with her!

LEE KEE: 'I'm glad I went to that wedding.'

RUTH: Did you notice a sentence with 'threw' in it, Lee Kee?

LEE KEE: Yes, Jim said, he took it when the 'men threw their hats in the air.'

RUTH: That's right. Jim was referring to taking a photograph of when the men threw their hats into the air. What about a sentence with 'were' in it? Lee Kee, do you think you can remember one?

LEE KEE: Yes, near the end of the drama, Jim was describing about how he'd photographed Jill eating some cake.

RUTH: Yes, let's hear that sentence again.


RUTH: That section we've just heard has our last two irregular past tense verbs in it. 'The chocolate cake you were eating' and 'You never told me you were going away'. Can you tell me, Lee Kee, what's the past of the verb 'to be'?

LEE KEE: It's 'was' in the singular and 'were' in the plural. That's how Grace used it - 'You were'.

RUTH: That's right. In the next 'Say It Again' programmes, we'll continue to practice past tense irregular verbs. Lee Kee and I hope that you'll stay with us.

RUTH: As in all our 'Say It Again' programmes, each week there is a true story. Today it's the story of Cyril Regis. He tells of how the news of a friend's sudden death started him thinking about what would happen to him when he died. His story is being read by Matthew.

Story Testimony

I was chosen six times to play football for my country. Playing football was the most important thing to me. Now however, there is something more important in my life.

One day I heard that a friend of mine had been killed. He died in a car accident. This started me thinking, what will happen to me when I die? Where would I go after I died? Now at this time, someone said to me, "There was a reason why Jesus Christ came into this world. He came to change all our desires. He came to help us conquer the selfish desires that we are all born with. He saw the problems that these desires caused. He came to show us the way to escape these problems." My friend then said, "The living God wants to give you the power of his Holy Spirit; so that you can say 'no' to these selfish desires. He told me how to talk with God through prayer, and to ask his forgiveness for my sins.

So I talked with God in this way. I said I believed in this God and that He sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for our sins. As I was talking with God in this way, I found that a calm sense of peace was entering my heart. I knew that this was God's Holy Spirit. Now I look for opportunities to help others get to know the living God. He can bring peace and joy into their lives too.

Since this happened, I have found that I now play better football than ever! I know that this is God working in my life. God has answered the questions that I had and put my mind at ease.

RUTH: There is just enough time left in today's 'Say It Again' programme for Lee Kee and me to repeat the five past tense irregular verbs we've been practising. I'll say the sentences first. Why don't you say them again with Lee Kee? 'I'm glad I went to that wedding.'

LEE KEE: 'I'm glad I went to that wedding.'

RUTH: 'The piece of chocolate cake you were eating.'

LEE KEE: 'The piece of chocolate cake you were eating.'

RUTH: 'They all caught their hats.'

LEE KEE: 'They all caught their hats.'

RUTH: 'The men threw their hats into the air.'

LEE KEE: 'The men threw their hats into the air.'

RUTH: That's all we have time for. Lee Kee will be back with me for our next 'Say It Again' programme. Please join us then. There will be another chance to practice these irregular verbs and I'll have a new drama - not with Grace and Jim as he has left for Europe but with Grace and her younger brother Paul. Lee Kee and I hope that you'll join us then.

BOTH: Goodbye.

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