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  My name is Adam Neil and I am a college student in America. Though my parents are from America, I grew up in Asia. That has given me a unique perspective of life in American college. I hope that these short episodes can give you a feeling for life as a college student in America. [mp3]


爱心包裹 Care Package

During the school year, parents of college students will send them 'care packages', packages through the mail that contain food, or other things that the parent bought for the student.

The mother of a friend of mine worked at a children's toy store, so whenever she sent my friend a package, she would include a few cheap toys. Although these toys were inexpensive, and made for young children, we would still play with them.

We would try to think of new ways of using the toys, and play around with it. Because we were college students playing with these toys in the wrong way, the toys would always break after an hour or so. We then had to wait for the next package to come.

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